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Reaching Out to Invite You In



Our Approach & Culture

We at Valley Outreach Synagogue strive to enlarge the “O” of Outreach while holding fast to Torah and tradition. From our beginning in 1986, each of our monthly Shabbat services has highlighted a unique theme. VOS creates a custom prayer book for each Shabbat and holy day service. We aim to lower barriers to engagement with relevant services and soulful music that jump starts your soul. On average 300-400 people show up for VOS’ monthly Friday evening Shabbat services. Will you join us?

I just don’t feel comfortable with services because I don’t know Hebrew or what the prayers mean. It’s embarrassing.

We hear that a lot, so we make it easy to follow and participate with transliterations and translations of Hebrew. We want you to connect and have a beautiful and meaningful experience.

But I’m not religious.

VOS services are much more than reciting prayers. It is a healthy renewing of perspective and purpose. It feels good to connect to and be part of something larger than oneself. Whether it’s being restored by great music, or the heartfelt words of our clergy which orient you Jewishly to your own life today, or the warm, heimish (homey) community—we are reaching out to invite you in.


October 12 Renewal: What Comes Next? 7:30 SANCTUARY

November 9 Celebration of Jewish Music 7:30 SANCTUARY

December 7 Family Chanukah Service & Celebration 6:00 SANCTUARY

January 11 From Gratitude to Greatness 7:30 SANCTUARY

February 8 B’ahavah: Simply, Love. 7:30 SANCTUARY

March 8 Celebrating Our Interfaith Families 7:30 SANCTUARY

March 20 Erev Purim: A JEWELS Purim Celebration 6:00 SANCTUARY

April 12 Preparing for Passover 7:30 SANCTUARY

May 1 Music & Memory - A Yom HaShoah Remembrance 6:00 SANCTUARY

May 10 Israel’s Independence 7:30 SANCTUARY

June 14 Elohim: The God of Nature 7:00 PARK SERVICE

July 12 Shabbat Shira – HeartSongs 7:00 PARK SERVICE

August 9 Aspiring to Inspire: Lives that Move Us 7:30 SANCTUARY

September 13 Preparing for Renewal 7:30 SANCTUARY

September 21 Selichot 9:00 PRIVATE HOME

Join us via the Internet from anywhere in the world:
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Thu, July 18 2019 15 Tammuz 5779