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Reaching Out to Invite You In



New Members, please download the 2019-2020 Membership Form here.

Renewing Members, please contact the office at (818) 882-4867.

Is VOS Right for Me?

The fit with a community which will sustain, nurture and celebrate you is a deeply personal matter. Our rabbi and chaplain always encourage those visiting VOS to have a conversation with them, to speak to members, attend a few services and to visit other nearby synagogues. We care about you finding the right place for your soul to grow, engage and thrive Jewishly.

Some questions to ask yourself:
Whom do I want to call or to be with me, holding my hand, when I am going through a crisis?
Does the spiritual life here enrich and uplift me?
Do I see myself growing (in wisdom and age) with these people?
Do I laugh a lot because it is lighthearted and fun to be in this community?
Does the leadership live the values of Torah?
Do I leave services uplifted and inspired?

Our aim at VOS is to create a mutually sustaining experience that brings wellbeing to each soul as well as our community and the world. When we view a synagogue membership as a transactional matter such as a gym membership, both the community and the individual lose out. Join a gym as a customer to work out but join VOS to belong as part of something greater.

The feeling of “belonging” is at the core of being human and is a fundamental need for wellbeing. Without belonging we are at risk of physical and mental illness. Those who feel belonging also feel purpose and supported. They are able to not only weather crises but even make beautiful meaning out of tremendous suffering. Such strength flows into us when we feel that rightness, that yes, I fit here! I belong! It feels like coming home.

Part of belonging is being held, and part of belonging is holding. It includes a responsibility to connect and sustain the relationship. Because belonging doesn’t only mean that you can belong to VOS, it means that VOS belongs to you. And what will you do with that? How will you belong at VOS? How will you reach out your hand? We are reaching out to invite you in, but we can only connect if you reach back.

When our hands connect—in the sweetness of the mutuality of belonging—that’s when we can feel fully ourselves and come home. Join us!

New Members, please download the 2019-2020 Membership Form here.

Sun, May 24 2020 1 Sivan 5780